Software Project Management

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Software Project Management by Mind Map: Software Project Management

1. Technical issues

1.1. the choice of software development methodology

1.2. how to estimate project size and schedule

1.3. how to ensure safety

1.4. what resources to reuse and which programming environment to use for the development

2. Management issues

2.1. when to train personnel

2.2. what are the risks to the project success

2.3. how to keep the project on schedule

3. Ethical issues

3.1. Ethical principles

3.1.1. Honour : Is the action considered beyond reproach?

3.1.2. Honesty : Will the action violate any explicit or implicit agreement or trust?

3.1.3. Bias : Are there any external considerations that may bias the action to be taken?

3.1.4. Professional adequacy : Is the action within the limits of capability?

3.1.5. Due care : Is the action to be exposed to the best possible quality assurance standards?

3.1.6. Fairness : Are all stakeholder's views considered with regard to the action?

3.1.7. Consideration of social cost : Is the appropriate accountability and responsibility accepted with respect to this action?

3.1.8. Effective and efficient action : Is the action suitable, given the objectives set, and is it to be completed using the least expenditure of resources?

4. Steps of SPM

4.1. 1. Visualize what the goal is.

4.1.1. Dominant ethical principles Honour Honesty Bias Due care Fairness Action

4.2. 2. Make a list of the jobs that need to be done.

4.2.1. Dominant ethical principles Bias Social cost Action

4.3. 3. Ensure there is one leader.

4.3.1. Dominant ethical principles Bias Adequacy Due care Action

4.4. 4. Assign people to jobs.

4.4.1. Dominant ethical principles Honesty Due care Fairness Action

4.5. 5. Manage expectations, allow a margin of error and have a fallback position.

4.5.1. Dominant ethical principles Social cost Adequacy Action

4.6. 6. Use an appropriate leadership style.

4.6.1. Dominant ethical principles Honour Social cost

4.7. 7. Know what is going on.

4.7.1. Dominant ethical principles Bias Due care Fairness Action

4.8. 8. Tell people what is going on.

4.8.1. Dominant ethical principles Honour Due care Action Honesty

4.9. 9. Repeat Step 1 through 8 until Step 10 can be achieved.

4.9.1. Dominant ethical principles Bias

4.10. 10. Realise the project goal.

4.10.1. Dominant ethical principles Honour Social cost