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Swimming by Mind Map: Swimming

1. - STROKE: - Traction: * Grasp (Get/Catch) Hands come in the water * Tug (Pull)Propulsion of the arm, Change direccion * Push (Shove) Change trajectory (path) - Recover - KICK

2. BACKSTROKE The backstroke, also sometimes called the back crawl, is the only regulated style swum on the back.

2.1. This has the advantage of easy breathing, but the disadvantage of swimmers not being able to see where they are going

2.2. Backstroke has a similar speed to butterfly

2.3. Technique In the initial position, the swimmer lies flat on their back; arms stretched with extended fingertips, and legs extended backwards.

2.4. Arm movement In backstroke, the arms contribute most of the forward movement. The arm stroke consists of two main parts: the power phase (consisting of three separate parts) and the recovery

3. Index:  Four stroke clasification: • Freestyle or Front Crawl • Backstroke • Breaststroke • Butterfly or Fly

4. Body movement Due to the asynchronous movement of the arms, there is a roll of the body around its own axis. This is normal and helps swimming effectively. The overall position of the body is straight in the horizontal to reduce drag. Beginners frequently let their posterior sink too low and increase drag. To avoid this, the upper legs have to be moved to the extreme down position at each kick even with a little help by the back and the foot tips have to be fixed in the extreme lower position and the head is held out of the water to act as a counter-weight

5.  General Principle of the four stroke: • Flotation • Stamina • Propulsion