Medical Microsystems festival - Speaker: Helen Bevan Contagious Commitment

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Medical Microsystems festival - Speaker: Helen Bevan Contagious Commitment by Mind Map: Medical Microsystems festival - Speaker: Helen Bevan  Contagious Commitment

1. Management of change

1.1. organisational behaviour

1.1.1. what motivates people to change

1.1.2. New node

1.2. leadership and management studies

1.2.1. how can we manage change

1.3. clinical/medical audit

1.4. Improvement "Science"

1.5. Academic traditions - 100years

2. Mobilising and organising

2.1. Engaging people

2.1.1. sense making understand why meaning

2.1.2. Connection with the heart emotional connection

2.2. Which tradition of change?

2.2.1. community organising, campaigns and social movements

2.2.2. learning from popular, civic and faith-based mobilisation efforts

2.2.3. academic tradition

3. Presentation

3.1. Matrix

3.1.1. rows definition focus leadership activities Physiology Anatomy

3.1.2. columns anatomy of change physiology of change

3.1.3. From a publication: Bernard / Crump / Helen Bevan

3.2. From -- to

3.2.1. Compliance a minimum performance standard that everyone must achieve uses

3.2.2. Commitment states a collective goal that everyone can aspire to based on shared goals, values and sense of purpose for coordination and control commitment to a common purpose

3.3. Ten key principles of large scale change

3.3.1. ask movement towards a new vision that is better and fundamentally different from the status quo

3.3.2. identification and communication of key themes that people can relate to and that will make a big difference

3.3.3. multiples of things

3.3.4. framing the issues in ways that engage and mobilise a lo

3.3.5. mutual reinforcing change across different parts of the system (microsystems)

3.3.6. continually refreshing the story and attracting new, active supporters

3.3.7. Emergent planning and design, based on monitoring progress and adapting as you go

3.3.8. enabling many people to contribute to the leadership of change, beyond organisational boundaries

3.3.9. transforming mindsets, leading to inherently sustainable change

3.3.10. maintaining and refreshing the leaders'energy over the long haul

3.4. Energy (image, by @StefanJutterdal

3.4.1. Intellectual Energy of analysis, logic, thinking, rationality

3.4.2. Emotional Energy of human connection and relationships, essential for teamwork, partnership, collaboration

3.4.3. Spiritual Energy of vitality and passion. Brings hope and optimism and helps people feel more ready and confident to build the future

3.4.4. Physical Energy of action, making things happen and getting them done, maintaining....

3.5. Quotations

3.5.1. Daniel Pink

3.5.2. Don Berwick

3.5.3. Benjamin Zander

3.5.4. New node

3.6. Referenced: Marshall Ganz

3.7. Mobilising = social movement sense vs organising

3.7.1. Framing Construct a message that relates to people and calls for action Shared values emotions Action motivatros action inhibitors

3.8. Large scale change

3.8.1. image by @doctor4quality

3.8.2. image 2

3.9. What do we need to do?

3.9.1. Tell a story

3.9.2. Make it personal

3.9.3. be authentic

3.9.4. create a sense of "us"

3.9.5. Build in a call for urgent action