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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. New Business Role

1.1. Do they have a genuine interest in New Business Development? Are they are hunter?

1.2. Are they actually OK with calling people? Are they prepared to pick up the phone on a dark wet Wednesday afternoon after 20 previous 'No's'

1.3. Are they a self starter? - can they come in and sit down and just do the job?

1.4. Do they have the ability to build from nothing? Give them a blank canvass, can they go out and build something?

1.5. Are they persistent?

1.6. Can they handle rejection? Do they take it personally or realise it's just a phone call? Can they continue to work regardless if they feel motivated, i'll etc?

1.7. Do they have a strong personality? Are they actually going to take charge of the call or just accept that "sending of information" is ok.

1.8. Are they capable of asking for business? Actually saying the words "what are you going to do to generate some business" to someone they have never met, who may be a M.D and 30 years older than them. Do they have that confidence?

1.9. Do they understand comms? This is quite important, you need to speak their language.

1.10. Are they motivational?

2. Existing Accounts Role

2.1. Genuine Interest

2.2. Service Skills - Make them feel warm and fuzzy

2.3. Ability to keep relationships

2.4. Are they personable? Would YOU want to deal with them

2.5. Do they have a strong personality - what would make a reseller want to deal with them (the voice on the phone) rather than the leggy blonde in front of them

2.6. Do they want to grow their skills?

2.7. Do they have the desire to work? Is this a stop gap? Are mom and dad happy to fund them?

2.8. Do they have an understanding of business?

2.9. Do they have the drive to want to please the accounts and neauture them into profitable, reoccurring accounts.

2.10. Are they capable of taking a stale idea and motivating someone to continue to do something?

3. Technical Sales Role

3.1. Are they keen to learn new technologies

3.2. Do they have a genuine interest in IT and Telecomms?

3.3. Are they actually competent?

3.4. Fast learner?

3.5. Quick to react to fast changing situations