Quantitative vs Qualitative

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Quantitative vs Qualitative by Mind Map: Quantitative vs Qualitative

1. Focuses in

1.1. Constructing statistical models and figures to explain what is observed

1.2. Counting and classifying features

2. Objective

3. Generates numerical data or information

3.1. Which can be converted into numbers

3.2. Only measurable data is being analyzed

4. Process and discovery

4.1. Oriented

4.1.1. Inductive

4.2. Exploratory

4.3. Expansionist

4.4. Descriptive

5. Generates non-numerical data

5.1. Subjective: seeks to understand human behavior

5.2. Naturalistic and uncontrolled observation

5.3. Valid, real, rich and deep data

6. Assumes a dynamic reality

7. Ungeneralizable: single case studies