3 Ways to Get People to Say Yes to You

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3 Ways to Get People to Say Yes to You by Mind Map: 3 Ways to Get People to Say Yes to You

1. How Do You Get a Yes?

1.1. Simply start giving — genuinely giving. Don’t even aim to ask for anything. Just give.

1.2. When comes time to ask for something reasonable, you will almost always get a yes.

1.3. Getting a yes is about having a mutual relationship. It’s not about asking and leaving.

1.4. It’s a cycle. It is, in essence, a friendship.

2. 1. Do Some Research

2.1. Find their social media accounts and get an idea of what kind of person they are.

2.2. If the person is somewhat famous, look up their website or their Wikipedia page. Beware of false information.

2.3. Find their most approachable friends and ask them questions.

2.4. If the person has written books, read them.

2.5. If the person has a blog, read the blog.

2.6. Once you have a better idea of who they are, give them something they want based on your research.

3. 2. Simply Ask Them How You Can Help

3.1. You’d be surprised how much information you can get doing that.

3.2. Don't be afraid of rejection

3.3. It’s so easy and cheap that it’s worth trying almost every time.

4. 3. Give and Adjust

4.1. If you know the person’s interests, you can always find something to give.

4.2. If you get a response, you’ve opened up the line of communication.

4.3. From there, you may get a better idea of what they need.

4.4. If not, you can either ask them directly or keep trying.

5. What Should I Give?

5.1. Give something that adds value to the person

5.2. Something tangible is rarely the solution, except for a good book maybe.

5.3. If you contribute to a person’s health, wealth, love, or happiness, you are adding value

6. Conclusion

6.1. You don’t get a yes by not giving a yes yourself. You don’t get to the top without giving more than you receive.