Male, Caucasion, 6 years old

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Male, Caucasion, 6 years old by Mind Map: Male, Caucasion, 6 years old

1. Hygiene/Self-Help

1.1. dressed himself

1.2. brushed teeth every morning and night

1.3. washed hands before and after eating

1.3.1. washed hands to length of ABC song

1.4. picked nose sometimes

1.5. talked while eating

1.5.1. ate with mouth open

1.5.2. ate with friends

1.5.3. leaned back on chair

2. Language

2.1. english speaking

2.2. participated during spanish lesson

2.2.1. understood what teacher was saying

2.2.2. participated in lesson

2.3. spoke in loud, screaming tone

2.3.1. yelled out answers

2.3.2. part of wanting attention

2.4. stutter, lisp, extended vowel sounds

2.4.1. saying the I sound starting a sentence or repeating the beginning sound of the word he is trying to say

2.5. spoke in understandable, complex sentences

2.6. wrote clear letters

2.6.1. spacing was off and letters were written big, but still legible

3. Social-Emotional

3.1. easily excited

3.2. needs to be reminded to calm down

3.2.1. listens when he is corrected

3.3. can be crazy at times

3.4. participates in class lessons and listens to teacher

3.5. communicates well with others

3.6. makes friends easily

3.7. raises hand most of time

3.7.1. occasionally calls out

4. Motor Skill

4.1. gross motor skills at correct level

4.1.1. able to run across the room, walk, kick, jump, and move his body all around

4.2. flexible during yoga

4.3. sat correctly and politely

4.3.1. not slouched, sat straight up

4.4. fine motor skills at correct level

4.4.1. wrote with his whole arm instead of just his wrist, like most 6 year olds

4.4.2. pressed hard when writing on paper or whiteboard

5. Cognitive

5.1. asked for help when he needed it

5.2. bites nails

5.3. cooperates well with others during activites

5.4. able to fulfill tasks asked of him

5.5. didn't give up if he got something wrong