How To Be Persuasive Without Being Manipulative

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How To Be Persuasive Without Being Manipulative by Mind Map: How To Be Persuasive Without Being Manipulative

1. 1. Get them to say “no”

1.1. To persuade, you must get the other person to relax

2. 2. Frame your facts

2.1. We draw different conclusions from the same info depending on how someone presents it to us

2.1.1. Facts presented through a positive frame encourage us to decide in favor of an option

2.1.2. Data framed with a negative slant encourage us to move away from that alternative

3. 3. Convert desire to pain, and you create urgency

3.1. Position your arguments as a way to avoid pain

3.1.1. People will do anything to escape pain

4. 4. Motivate with FOBLO (more potent than FOMO)

4.1. Fear Of Being Left Out

4.1.1. Creates distress

4.2. There’s a feeling of rejection that comes with being left out. We often go to great lengths to avoid it

5. 5. Let them connect the dots

5.1. People love to figure things out. Don’t deprive them of that pleasure

5.2. Aim to connect most of the dots until the picture begins to manifest, and then let the other person piece it together