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The Long Game by Mind Map: The Long Game

1. POD System

1.1. Production Manager (15-20 loans a month)

1.1.1. Takes all questions from LP's 15-20 loans a month

1.1.2. 55k-85k

1.2. LP

1.2.1. 10-15 files each 20k - 30k in income for you at 200k Avg loan size

1.2.2. $45-65K each

1.3. LP

1.3.1. 10-15 files each

1.4. LP

1.4.1. 10-15 files each

1.5. LP

1.5.1. 10-15 files each

1.6. Client Coordinator / Marketing Manager

1.6.1. 30 DM's for you on FB

1.6.2. Tuesday Just ask Loan in process

1.6.3. Wednesday Past Database 13 Hellos every Wednesday or more if you want more referrals.

1.6.4. Thursday Approved and looking Also Thursday Morning Text

1.6.5. Social media management

1.6.6. Every Past and New client Friend on Facebook Send personal DM Add to a Facebook list Monitor, like and comment on a daily basis to help them remember who you are and what you do for a living!

1.6.7. Scripts for LP's: VIP front of the line pass

1.7. We help with the hiring and firing of the right people if you want.

1.8. Team of processors

2. Your Why and Current Game

2.1. Long Game

2.1.1. The DSP with someone else doing the Monday thru Thursday Tasks For you as YOu While you are only selling, building and deepening the Relationships you already have!

2.1.2. Work optional n 5 years, 10 years whatever

2.2. Short Game

2.2.1. Refi's

3. DSP (Daily Success Plan)

3.1. Monday

3.1.1. Thor Realtor Calls A - Realtors Buying and selling realtor Agents that has given you a closable deal in the last 4 months We are having amazing success with VA's calling to set Realtor Zoom appointments. All you have to do is show up to the zoom appointment. B - Realtors Buyer and selling Agents that have given you a deal from 4-12 months ago C - Realtors Use Agent Mastermind to warm up a list of 500 - 1,000 cold agents so that when Your VA and You start calling them they are familiar with who you are!

3.1.2. VA is calling to set minimum of 2 realtor zoom meetings or until calendar is full

3.1.3. 30 DM's to your friends on Facebook VA or someone else can do

3.1.4. Faceboook ads in front of all your agents

3.2. Tuesday

3.2.1. Just Ask Update everyone in transaction followed with CTA - “Who do you know?” or “Can I treat you to coffee”. . . (both agents, borrowers, seller, title or escrow agent, insurance agent (30% increase in pipeline) Your LP can do this and have the same if not better results being its done every week without fail with proper expectations set in advance. A VA can do this for you on Tuesday As Well.

3.2.2. VA is calling to set minimum of 2 realtor zoom meetings or until calendar is full

3.2.3. We as a group average 1-2 referrals for every 5 in process when done correctly

3.2.4. 30 DM's to your friends on Facebook

3.3. Wednesday

3.3.1. Call Past Database of closed clients, circle of influence, BNI/leads group A minimum of 13 Hellos per day = 1 new deal a day VA or Marketing Assistant can also call your past database for you to have check-in's and to ask for referrals (1-2 referrals for every 100 in past database during normal times) right now its almost 1 for 1 with rates so low.

3.3.2. VA is calling to set minimum of 2 realtor zoom meetings or until calendar is full

3.3.3. You should be averaging 1-2 referrals per month for every 100 people in your database. Right now that number is much higher due to the very low rates. Its almost a 1 for 1 right now being almost everyone can take advantage of the these crazy low rates.

3.3.4. 30 DM's to your friends on Facebook

3.3.5. Facebook ads in front of all your past database

3.4. Thursday

3.4.1. Call all your Pre-Approved looking Other partners – CPA, Financial planners, Atty, Brokers/ Title to teach classes Text current partners –Are you working this weekend? Let’s get them preapproved. Call Borrower and CO-borrower as they have different sets of friends, family, co-workers and Facebook friends

3.4.2. Thursday morning text to your A and B Agents Scripts: Hey if your driving someone around this weekend and they aren’t approved, send them over so you’re not wasting your time and weekend

3.4.3. VA is calling to set minimum of 2 realtor zoom meetings or until calendar is full

3.4.4. 30 DM's to your friends on Facebook

3.5. Friday Catch Up / Off

3.6. Definition of a successful transaction is to have asked and received a referral during the process

4. Tools / Services Needed


4.2. Answering Service | Virtual Receptionist | VoiceNation




4.5.1. Facebook ads

4.5.2. Video editing

4.5.3. Flyers

4.5.4. Social media graphics

4.5.5. Almost anything

5. What do you do?

5.1. Show up to all your Realtor Zoom meetings

5.2. Have 15 min pipeline calls with your team every day

5.3. Build new realtor relationships

5.4. Deepen the Realtor relationships you already have

5.5. Sell the deals that come in after your LP has gathered all the documents and properly prepared the file for your viewing.

5.6. Smell the roses

5.7. Have LO convo's/ Recruit lo's if once system is setup and running.

6. What can we take off your plate

6.1. HR

6.2. Technology

6.3. If you have LO's

6.3.1. Coaching and weekly training

6.4. Accounting

6.5. Benefits

7. 25% Rule

7.1. 25% love you know matter what

7.2. 25% don’t like you

7.3. 25% like you but as soon as you mess up, they are gone

7.4. 25% Don’t like you unless you are doing something for them and as soon as you stop doing stuff for them or mess up, they are gone.