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Forgeplanner by Mind Map: Forgeplanner

1. Client Features

1.1. Users

1.1.1. Code syntax recognition for code pieces

1.1.2. Tasks Deadlines Priority Recommended user to execute Assigning tasks to developers

1.1.3. Ideas Commenting on ideas Ranking ideas Removing Ideas Submitting ideas Accepting ideas (making them a task)

1.1.4. Votes Pros + cons of each side Time limit on the vote Public/private/certain people Commenting on votes

1.1.5. Upload programs / libraries etc

1.2. Admins

1.2.1. User management Payments Teams Adding/Removing Teams Editing team/group permissions Invitations Account deleted when registration took too long

1.3. Public

1.3.1. Submitting ideas

2. Platforms

2.1. Silverlight

2.1.1. Desktop?

2.2. Android

2.3. iOS?

2.4. Blackberry?

3. Server Features

3.1. Servers

3.1.1. Web Server Hosts the web client Interacts with the Front-end server

3.1.2. Front-End Server This server deals with incoming connections All (non-website) clients The web-server Web panel for remote access This won't actually hold any data, it gets + stores all data in the DB server Handles logins + sessions

3.1.3. Database Server Execution order Recieves command (TCP/UDP) Reads/Writes data Returns data (if reading)

4. Programs

4.1. Server

4.1.1. Web Server

4.1.2. Front-End Server

4.1.3. Database Server

4.2. Client

5. Suggestions

6. Dropbox

6.1. Speak to Ed for access ([email protected])