Vigilant Leader : Digital Technology Radar

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Vigilant Leader : Digital Technology Radar by Mind Map: Vigilant Leader : Digital Technology Radar

1. ECOSYSTEM_looks for being part of an ecosystem and to build on an ecosystem

1.1. Ecosystem build by a neutral person

1.2. Collaborate and compete within the ecosystem

1.3. Allows for faster market entries

2. INSPIRE_sense-giving to new digital opportunities

2.1. involve customer facing colleagues

3. SCENARIO THINKING_create a mental frame to enable other people to identify opportunities

3.1. DECIDE_decisions to kill or scale up new opportunities by a leadership team in line with the different scenarios

4. ALERT_for new threats and opportunities

4.1. Look for digital capability of competition, adjacent industries, start-ups, universities and technology vendors

4.2. Boost alterness in the company

4.2.1. Look for technology

4.2.2. collect data

4.2.3. identify connecting technologies