Fundamental Concepts Desserts TFJ 4E0

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Fundamental Concepts Desserts TFJ 4E0 by Mind Map: Fundamental Concepts Desserts TFJ 4E0

1. Aesthetics

1.1. Students will create products that will be pleasing to the eye as; one eats with their eyes first. This is one of the most important concepts of the Hospitality classroom

2. Control

2.1. Cost and yield are specific aspects of the hospitality industry that must be maintained. Students will learn the importance of consistency and accuracy in the production of desserts

3. Environmental Sustainability

3.1. Students will be encouraged and instructed to be mindful of their environment and control the amount of wasted produced within this environment. They will also be advised how and where to dispose of their waste using recycling, garbage and compost receptacles appropriately

4. Ergonomics

4.1. Students will be instructed to keep their consumer in mind when preparing desserts to ensure the ease consumption. It is important to use space appropriately and to be mindful of how the consumer will eat their product.

5. Fabrication/Building/Creation

5.1. Students will learn to read and interpret a recipe while producing the necessary prep and following a specific set of instructions to achieve the required end results. By following these basic and crucial steps they will be able to create an end result according to specs.

6. Function

6.1. Students will be encouraged to research different types of desserts and their functions to the meal. Desserts are typically at the end of the meal and leave a lasting impression on the consumer, however it is important to teach the students how to incorporate desserts that meet accompany the main dish that was served and how to do this.

7. Innovation

7.1. Students will be encouraged to develop their own creative presentation of their desserts and will be assessed according to the level of creativity they use.

8. Material

8.1. Students will learn the specific baking ingredients and their functions, as well they will learn the function of specific equipment and tools that relate to their tasks

9. Mechanism

9.1. Students will lean the importance of following the methodology in a recipe and that every part of the system is connected to the end result.

9.1.1. Recipes

9.1.2. Formulas

9.1.3. Methods

9.1.4. instructions

10. Power and Energy

10.1. In this case the students will be made aware of the resources and equipment and how they function to enable the production of their desserts

10.1.1. Equipment

10.1.2. physical labour

10.1.3. overhead

11. Safety

11.1. Students will engage in learning activities and complete worksheets and a contract before being able to enter the work space. Safety is of utmost importance in every unit and students are entitled and encouraged to refuse unsafe work being sure they are comfortable will all equipment and processes involved in their work

11.1.1. equipment

11.1.2. Personal

11.1.3. environmental

12. Structure

12.1. Students will learn about various products and methods that will contribute significantly to the success of the end product. For example leavening agents (yeast)

13. Systems

13.1. Students will demonstrate and understanding of the systems in a kitchen and how all parts of the kitchen in their entirety contribute significantly to running and maintaining a successful organization.