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Training&Development by Mind Map: Training&Development

1. Concepts

1.1. TRAINING- process whereby people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of organizational goals Includes both hard and soft skills

1.2. DEVELOPMENT-Learning with a long-term focus

2. Factors Affecting

2.1. Top management support

2.2. New Technology / Technological Advances

2.3. Continuous Improvement

3. Methods

3.1. Traditional Methods

3.1.1. Presentation Method

3.1.2. Hands-on Method

3.1.3. Group Building Method

3.2. Technological Based Method

4. Concept of Orientation / On-Boarding

4.1. NNInitial T&D effort for new employees that informs them about the company, the job, and the work group.

5. Concept of Career Development

5.1. A formal approach used by an organization to ensure that people with the proper qualifications and experiences are available for promotion when they are needed.