How to Keep Clients Coming Back For More

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How to Keep Clients Coming Back For More by Mind Map: How to Keep Clients Coming Back For More

1. They didn't hire an illusionist

1.1. Have transparency with money

1.1.1. Itemize and document everything

1.1.2. Use regular email or printed statements

1.2. Have transparency with work

1.2.1. Keep them involved in the project

1.2.2. Document the stages of your work

1.2.3. Give them ‘progress reports’

1.2.4. Schedule several on-site meetings

2. Come out and say it

2.1. Always inform a client of potential problems

2.1.1. Deliver their brief

2.1.2. Turn up at the time you said

2.1.3. Keep them at the heart of everything you’re doing

2.2. Don't pray they don’t discover them

2.3. Say it when you think something is a bad idea

3. You have expertise, so use it

3.1. Help improve the entire vision of the work

3.2. Don’t turn up with scrawls and random sketches

3.3. Make this process professional

3.4. Make this process enjoyable

3.5. Turn up with examples, mockups, and moodboards of similar work that prove the effectiveness of what you want to do

3.6. Show them the early stages of your thinking

3.7. Hear them out

3.8. Show a genuine attempt to understand your client’s queries, wishes and challenges

4. Get it on the dotted line

4.1. Communicate effectively, clearly and regularly

4.2. Talk to them in person

4.3. Take lots of notes

4.4. Get everything down in writing

4.5. Get quotes and invoices dated and signed by both you and the client

4.6. Develop a set of terms and conditions

4.7. Sign off updates

4.8. Build as many references as possible