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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis

1.1. Questions to ask yourself

1.1.1. Who is the audience? What is the background of the audience

1.1.2. What are the project goals?

1.1.3. Why is instruction needed?

1.1.4. What amount of instruction is necessary?

2. Design

2.1. Determine learning objectives

2.2. Determine instructional strategies

2.2.1. How the instruction will be taught

2.3. Connect with subject matter experts

2.4. Chose a delivery format

2.4.1. E-learning Self-paced Instructor led

2.4.2. In-person

3. Evaluation

3.1. Determine if instructional goals were met

3.2. Measure learner's satisfaction of instruction

3.3. Look for long-term benefits

3.4. Assess areas for design changes

3.5. Evaluate learner's test scores

4. Implementation

4.1. Provide clear instructions

4.2. Deliver the training

4.3. Deliver assessments

4.4. Make necessary resources available

5. Development

5.1. Make a prototype

5.2. Create training deliverables

5.3. Pilot the course

5.4. Develop course assessments

5.4.1. Summative

5.4.2. Formative

5.4.3. What will you do with this information?