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HTML5 web apps talk, Ido Green by Mind Map: HTML5 web apps talk, Ido Green
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HTML5 web apps talk, Ido Green



Let users try without signing up

Device aware & responsive, New Node

New Node

Be explicit on the browsers you support

Use history API for pushing state in single page apps

Twitter mobile do it a lot

Use client side architecture from the start, for

Offline, LawnChair - simple json storage, Types, Local storage, Index DB, Supported in Chrome & FF, soon also IE10, Fs API

Performance, manifest = cache.appcache, Enable offline scenario, Add comment with version number at top of manifest file

Make entering information easy & clear




Min max

Well supported in mobile, Check in

x-webkit-speech, Gives you confidence level

Keep your users informed

webkitNotifications, createNotification

Treat performance as feature


Css3 transitions, Used GPU

Use WebWorkers, More:,

Cross browsers




Chrome update

Aim for a great user experience

Most of the time, everything else will follow



Cache size

If its Chrome App, you get 100mb not just 5

Usually you use index.db

If you need a lot, use File API, That's what Kindle app & Angry Birds use