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Instagram by Mind Map: Instagram

1. photo and video sharing app

1.1. edits photo

1.2. edits video/stories

1.3. share it on Instagram feeds.

2. Benefit

2.1. Business

2.1.1. Digital transformation of a business

2.1.2. Create engagement with users

2.1.3. Colaboration with brends

2.1.4. Promotion of visual form products

3. Strategies

3.1. Establish relations

3.1.1. "Influencers"

3.1.2. External applications Likes Followes Comments

4. How to attract followers

4.1. You must have busines account

4.2. Detailed and visual profile information

4.3. Good quality images

4.4. Post photos with #hashtags and their location

4.5. Follow people in your field

5. Seventh most used network

5.1. More then 500m users

5.2. Impact on 500 million people