What Most People Get Wrong About Personal Branding

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What Most People Get Wrong About Personal Branding by Mind Map: What Most People Get Wrong About Personal Branding

1. Examples of common vanity metrics that don't matter:

1.1. How many people follow your Twitter account or even your Medium profile

1.2. The number of website visitors you received last week, month or year

1.3. The number of subscribers to your email list

1.4. Likes or hearts for your latest Facebook or Instagram post

1.5. Views of your videos

1.6. How many people read all of your articles… this one is common on Medium

2. Enter the Positioning Statement

2.1. Set up an email list

2.2. Create an opt-in page for your list

2.3. Give something away for free so your ideal audience has a reason to hand over their contact details

2.4. Write guest posts for other sites

2.5. Blog on Medium

2.6. Take part in podcast interviews

2.7. Answer these questions on a single page:

2.7.1. Who am I? Elaborate on your backstory.

2.7.2. Whom do I serve? There’s a big difference between an aspiring entrepreneur in their early twenties and somebody in the middle of their career.

2.7.3. What does my audience hope, fear, dream, and aspire to become? Interview, survey, and speak to your followers

2.7.4. What can I offer my audience? Focus on your strengths and what you excel at