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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. Global village

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. The array of new technologies briing people together

1.1.2. "not the place to find peace and harmony"

1.1.3. Village conditions : the myriad differences between people & cultures.

1.2. Encouragement of economic globalization

1.2.1. improve local specifications:

1.2.2. consumers' buying habits

1.3. The advertising approaches

1.3.1. the variety of people's habits

1.3.2. diverse features of many dailylife aspects.

1.4. Sharing the same view

1.4.1. through TV annd the internet

1.4.2. global inclustries (sport, fashion, entertainment)

1.4.3. improve political cooperation between naations.

1.5. Economic management

1.5.1. poor countries: be exposed to economic domination

1.5.2. rich countries: creates new tensions (increasing concern about the environmetn)

1.6. Problems

1.6.1. not effective supranational institutions

1.6.2. the disengagemment of the global financial system

1.6.3. lacking an effective police force

2. The srinking planet

2.1. Life of people in the past

2.1.1. Few communicative devices

2.1.2. Know nothing about other side of the planet

2.2. Tha change in people's life

2.2.1. 2020: great changes

2.2.2. Population: 2M - 6M (now)

2.2.3. Development and interconnection in many fields.

2.3. Globalization is not bad

2.3.1. X affect to human peculiarties.

2.3.2. Sharing common interest

2.3.3. Buying similar production.

3. Community & Conflict

3.1. No inherent conflict

3.2. ethnic division gradually diminish

3.3. accelerating thhe trend of multicultural society

3.4. good changes about labor market

4. The sharing of sovereignty

4.1. The United Nations

4.1.1. Minimal impacts on reolving seriouus political conflicts

4.1.2. Seem to be unable to tackle the world's most intractable and vital issues to prevent global anarchy

4.1.3. valuable functions in smoothing international relations.

4.2. Despite having competitions, naations can still reach an agreemenr on a joint basis.

4.3. EU - typical example of shared sovereignty.

4.3.1. greement on use of a single currency by 11 of 15 member.

4.3.2. intergrated economic & strong political ties

5. Converging or Diverging

5.1. Reason for the trend toward Western moder

5.1.1. Want to achiive economic success

5.1.2. Think that globalization threaten their jobs, lifestyles

5.2. Globalization creates coonvergence among most countries/ people.

5.2.1. India: self - sufficiency to intergration

5.2.2. North - Korea: attract foreign investment

5.3. The globalised world makes countries/people diverging

5.3.1. The excluded society

5.3.2. Cultural invastions

5.4. Conclusion

5.4.1. Both converging & diverging: discrernible

5.4.2. Diversity: the major attribute of the global village

6. Economic globalization

6.1. The global marketplace

6.2. Competition and protection

6.3. Global financial markets