Foodies in Chicago

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Foodies in Chicago by Mind Map: Foodies in Chicago

1. 1. Restaurant culture: Diners Bill of Rights – Do You Have Suggestions?

1.1. Greeting

1.1.1. Courteous, welcoming

1.2. Service

1.2.1. A right to use restrooms without placing an order

1.2.2. timely seating

1.2.3. right to tip or not, depending on service

1.2.4. Hospitality

1.2.5. Attentive server

1.3. Food

1.3.1. Right to send back food

1.3.2. Right to ask for the ingredients.

1.3.3. Right to know what's in the food--allergen information.

1.3.4. Bread offered and replenished

2. What is a Foodie anyway?

2.1. ardent, refined interest in food

2.2. knowledgeable about food

2.3. Dining deals?

2.3.1. Groupon

2.3.2. Living Social

2.3.3. GrubHub

3. 2. What questions do you need to consider when choosing a restaurant??

3.1. Price

3.1.1. Casual or Fine Dining?

3.2. Location

3.2.1. Travel time?

3.2.2. Means of transportation?

3.3. Food preferences (likes and dislikes)

3.3.1. Type(s) of cuisine spicy food mild food Do they have barbecue items on their menu?

3.3.2. Allergy Awareness

3.4. Restaurant ambience

3.4.1. Family restaurant vs. Bars

3.4.2. Fabric of the table clothes

3.4.3. Dress code for the restaurant