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Lab 7 Mar 5 / 7 by Mind Map: Lab 7 Mar 5 / 7
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Lab 7 Mar 5 / 7


This week, you have plenty of time to work on Parts VI and VII of the lab you started last week. The main goal is to explore the circuit a lot and try to understand what is going on!

A good way of knowing whether you have learned a lot from this lab is: Could you recreate the circuit from your mind? Could you tweak the circuit to make the LED brighter, dimmer, etc.? What is stabilized, current, voltage?


Pick up from where you left off...

Download updated folder (photos) from github.

Spend a lot of time understanding parts VI and VII (with the LED)

The data sheets for the zener diode and the LED are included in github. Read them! What are the recommended currents, voltages, etc.?


The TDS1002 oscilloscope connects the channel 1 and channel 2 input shields directly to ground (even on AC coupling, it seems).