Lecture 7 Mar 5

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Lecture 7 Mar 5 by Mind Map: Lecture 7 Mar 5

1. Main topic: Lab 6/7 Circuit rectifier, zener diode, LED, etc.

2. Opening topics

2.1. Answer questions posed in lab mindmaps

3. Lecture

3.1. Review PhET p-n junction current

3.2. Diode I-V curves

3.2.1. Wikipedia Diode

3.2.2. Wikipedia Zener Diode

3.3. Group work

3.3.1. Circuit VI 1. What is the voltage across the zener diode? (it's reverse breakdown is about ??? (Look at data sheet)

3.3.2. Circuit VII 2. With R = 1 kohm, what is the current through the LED? From data sheet, it's forward threshold voltage is about 2.3 V

3.4. Zener diode

3.4.1. Physical understanding Wikipedia article Heavy doping Thin depletion region Thinner region, higher / lower e-field?

3.4.2. Practical understanding I-V curves