The History of English

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The History of English by Mind Map: The History of English

1. It is sub-divided into five parts

1.1. England before the English: 55BC-600AC

1.1.1. Celtic dialects, British Celtic (Brittonic or Brythonic), Cumbric, Welsh, and Cornish. Then, Latin known as British Latin.

1.2. Old English: 600-1100

1.2.1. Invasions of Germanic Tribes, The Coming of Christianity and Literacy, The Anglo-Saxon or Old English Language and The Vikings changed more the language.

1.3. Middle English: 1100-1500

1.3.1. Norman Conquest, French (Anglo-Norman) Influence,Middle English After the Normans, Resurgence of English, Chaucer and the Birth of English Literature.

1.4. Early Modern English: 1500-1700

1.4.1. Great Vowel Shift, The English Renaissance, Printing Press and Standardization, The Bible, Dictionaries and Grammars, Golden Age of English Literature, William Shakespeare, International Trade.

1.5. Present day English: 1700-Today

1.5.1. The Industrial and Scientific Revolution, Colonialism and the British Empire, The New World, American Dialect, Black English, Language Reform, English as a Lingua Franca, the English around the world.