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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Sources of power

1.1. Hydro

1.1.1. Dams

1.2. Wind

1.2.1. Wind Mills

1.3. Solar

1.3.1. Solar Panels

1.4. Coal

1.4.1. Burning Coal

2. Static Electricity

2.1. Rubbing a balloon against your hair

2.2. Carpets

3. Conserving Electricity

3.1. Turn the lights off in the rooms that you are not using.

3.1.1. Use electricity friendly light bulbs

3.2. Instead of turning your heaters on just put on a extra layer of clothing.

3.3. Wash your dishes by hand instead of using the dish washer if you have the time.

4. Safety

4.1. Use plugs for your outlets if you have pets or children.

4.1.1. Do not stick anything in an outlet that does not belong there. (silver ware, your fingers, toys etc...)

4.2. Do not get electricity near water, it is very conductive.

4.3. Make sure if you have any loose cords lying around tape them against a wall or under furniture so you don't trip on them and injure yourself.