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LEMON by Mind Map: LEMON

1. Salt

1.1. Sand

1.1.1. Beach Ocean Desalination Machines

1.1.2. Sand Filters

2. Yellow

2.1. Sun

2.1.1. Energy Solar Powered Water Pumps

2.1.2. Climate Rainfall Fog Catchers and Rain Water Tanks

2.1.3. Solar Water Disinfection

3. Citrus

3.1. Citrus Based Cleaning Products

3.2. Disinfectants

4. Juice

4.1. Hydration

4.1.1. Health Hand Sanitisers Improved Water Storage to avoid water contamination

5. Lime

5.1. Green

5.1.1. Plants Irrigation Systems Growth Knowledge

6. Peel

6.1. Remove

6.1.1. Dirt Dirty Water Water Filtration Systems Self Composting Toilet

6.1.2. Hazards Restore damaged water catchment areas

7. Flavour

7.1. Types

7.1.1. Train villagers how to complete multiple tasks with a given amount of water

8. Scent

8.1. Strong

8.1.1. Women Water Collectors Improved Water Carrying Containers

9. Sour

9.1. Unpleasant

9.1.1. Long Walks Increase the amount of communal water points Transportation Service that transports water from water sources to villages

10. Fruit

10.1. Food

10.1.1. Nutrients Provide Iodine Drops to villages to purify water

11. Zesty

11.1. Enthusiasm

11.1.1. School programmes that educate children about efficient water usage

12. Tree

12.1. Reforestation

12.1.1. Plant more trees to support wetlands and reduce soil erosion