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Yue Fei by Mind Map: Yue Fei

1. Maybe famous quotes from Yue Fei

1.1. 靖康耻,犹未雪,臣子恨,何时灭

1.2. The shame of JingKang refers to the year the Jin sacked KaiFeng and captured Song Huizong and his eldest son Song QinZong up north. Zhao Gou fled south and establish a government known as the Southern Song dynasty. Yue Fei constantly reminds himself of the shame of the incident and his ambition to restore the lost lands from the barbarians.

2. Synopsis of Story

2.1. Yue Fei's background story

2.1.1. 精忠报国

2.2. Historical Background - The fall of Northern Song

2.2.1. link to the quote

2.3. Pursuit of Jin dynasty against Southern Song

2.4. Highlights of memorable battles

2.4.1. 4 northern expeditions against Jin

2.5. His high morals that earned praise but subsequently costed his life because of his political insensitivities

2.5.1. Qin Hui did not kill him, but it was the emperor

2.6. Death at Feng Po ting (Fictional)

3. Justification as a true Hero/Heroine

3.1. Looking at Academic Works


3.2. Look at famous plays/poems (Literature)

3.2.1. Yue Fei's Own Poem (Manjiang Hong)

3.2.2. Other famous poets or literati's interpretation of Yue Fei

4. Marketing and Communication Plan

4.1. Chinese people or people interested in chinese culture mainly

4.2. Highlight themes of:

4.2.1. Loyalty, Frugality, Staying true to one's beliefs

4.3. Outreach Initiatives

4.3.1. Trailers

4.3.2. Social Media Ads

5. Poster Plan

5.1. The poster should focus the highlights of the great General's life and his personality

5.1.1. His 500 soldiers that fought off 100,000 Jurchen invaders

5.1.2. His back is facing us with his band of 500 soldiers showing the large Northern army ahead

5.1.3. His back will show the words that his mother tattoo-ed on his back 'Serve the nation loyally' (Jing Zhong Bao Guo)

6. movie timeline

6.1. from the fourth northern expedition to his death? flashback of 精忠报国 and previous battels maybe