Rethink moving abroad experience for students based on artificial intelligence

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Rethink moving abroad experience for students based on artificial intelligence by Mind Map: Rethink moving abroad experience for students based on artificial intelligence

1. Moving abroad experience

1.1. What is it needed to move abroad ?

1.1.1. A visa a special visa for AI skilled workers There is a shortage in AI skills, but there is no easy process to get easily a visa for AI skilled workers Source : Google Keywords : artificial intelligence moving abroad

1.1.2. A flight / a train/ a bus/ a car AI, the future of travel industry Dynamic pricing which offers students low prices Enhanced customer service Keywords : AI mobility

1.1.3. An accommodation to live once arrived Booking : enables hotel room reservation all over the world

2. Students

2.1. Why they are a particular group of people ?

2.1.1. Less money that workers AltexSoft : helps an online travel agency to predict fares prices and to help clients on flight scheduling or on service after purchase Cheaper Easier and faster

2.1.2. Desire of discovering the world, meeting new people How to meet new people abroad thanks to AI ? Couchsurfing : enables people to meet friend in foreign countries How to find the better places to visit thanks to AI ? Time Out : a global media and entertainment company that advertises the best art and entertainment, food and drink, attractions, hotels, and things to do in the world's greatest cities

2.1.3. Studies abroad for Erasmus/an exchange

2.1.4. Holidays job/internship for the summer BUNAC is one of the most common services that American students use to secure work visas for Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and France. BUNAC charges a reasonable fee for a work permit and provides assistance with finding accommodations and work but does not actually place participants in a job. Transitions Abroad has an extensive selection of articles about summer work abroad to enhance your perspective on the subject as well as an array of listings of programs and organizations.

3. According to the fact that traveling broaden youth's mind and help them being more open-minded, how to use AI in order to make it easier for students to move abroad ?

4. Artificial intelligence

4.1. AI is "the process of constructing an intelligent artefact. Using computers to amplify an human intelligence with AI has the potential of helping civilisation flourish like never before - as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial and prevent AI from inflicting any damage"

4.1.1. Dr Mark Van Rijman's definition ("The organisation of tomorrow')

4.2. AI is supposed to help human beings in the future, make complicated tasks easier

4.3. AI can also be a threat

4.3.1. In the MIT in 2014, Elon Musk called AI the “biggest existential threat”