Introduction to Catholic Education; Building Good/Effective Schools: Module 1

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Introduction to Catholic Education; Building Good/Effective Schools: Module 1 by Mind Map: Introduction to Catholic Education; Building Good/Effective Schools: Module 1

1. Stats

1.1. More than 76,000 students enrolled in Catholic schools, within WA (Annual Report , 2018).

1.1.1. 2,920 = Aboriginal students

1.1.2. 162 Catholic Schools in WA, in 2017

2. Accreditation

2.1. All staff required to obtain 1/2 levels of accreditation in first 5 years of career

2.2. Accreditation: Teach in Catholic School

2.2.1. Staff required to promote school's mission through teachings/curriculum, using The Gospel

2.3. Accreditation: Teach Religious Education

2.3.1. Educator demonstrates and explains the Christian message

2.3.2. Educator follows Religious Education program

2.4. Units to be studied (do not need to complete all 3 to teach...

2.4.1. CED4260 CED4261 CED4262 CED4263 CED4264

3. CHILD focused, CHRIST centred

4. Goals of Catholic Education

4.1. Create environments that: nuture/encourage learning

4.2. Nurture children, encourage and empower them to live the Catholic faith, in the spirit of Jesus Christ

4.3. Encourage the understanding and appreciation of The Gospel

5. Bishops of Western Australia

5.1. Archbishop Timothy Costelloe (Perth)

5.2. Archbishop Michael Morrisey (Geraldton)

5.3. Bishop Chistopher Saunders (Broome)

5.4. Bishop Gerard Holohan (Bunbury)

5.5. Bishop Donald Sproxton (Auxilary Bishop of Perth)

6. Important Terms:

6.1. Diocese

6.1.1. "A district under the pastoral care of a bishop in the Christian Church." ("Diocese: Definition of Diocese by Lexico", n.d.)

6.2. Bishop

6.2.1. "A senior member of the Christian clergy, usually in charge of a diocese and empowered to confer holy orders." ("Bishop: Definition of Bishop by Lexico", n.d.)

6.3. Parish

6.3.1. "(In the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor."("Parish: Definition of Parish by Lexico", n.d.)

6.4. Priest

6.4.1. "An ordained minister of the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Church having the authority to perform certain rites and administer certain sacraments." ("Priest: Definition of Priest by Lexico", n.d.)

6.5. Lay People

6.5.1. "Members of the Church who are not ordained" (Fic, J. 2020).

6.6. Monk

6.6.1. "A member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience." ("Monk: Definition of Monk by Lexico", n.d.)

6.7. Nun

6.7.1. "A member of a religious community of women, especially a cloistered one, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience."("Nun: Definition of Nun by Lexico", n.d.)

6.8. Religious Community

6.8.1. A religious order / "brothers and sisters" (Fic, J. 2020)

7. Catholic Church in WA

7.1. 4 dioceses in WA

7.2. each diocese led by bishop

7.3. Perth = major diocese

7.3.1. known as "archdiocese"; is led by archbishop

8. Catholic Education Commission of WA [CECWA]

8.1. Catholic organisation that:

8.1.1. assists bishops with Catholic schools/education

8.1.2. establishes state-wide policies

8.1.3. encourages evolution and efficiency of Catholic schools

8.1.4. act for the welfare of all Catholic students

8.2. 3 offices in WA

8.2.1. Broome

8.2.2. Geraldton

8.2.3. Bunbury

9. Are Schools Effective?

9.1. Accomplish Goals = Effectiveness

9.1.1. Educate children

9.1.2. Transmission, Transaction, Transformation

9.1.3. Create collaborative principals to ensure effectiveness

9.2. Catholic Schools

9.2.1. Development of entire person

9.2.2. Person is whole once religious dimension and other aspects of a developed human are unified

9.2.3. Religious Dimension Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit (Covey, S.R., 2004).

9.2.4. Develop climate/ethos/spirit

10. Approach to Effective Schooling (Catholic schooling)

10.1. Development of the "Whole Person"

10.1.1. Religous

10.1.2. Academic

10.1.3. Personal/Faith

10.2. Educate using quality curriculum

10.3. Building relationship with;

10.3.1. God

10.3.2. Self

10.3.3. Life

10.3.4. Others

10.4. Religious Education: teachings of God

10.4.1. Ritual; ways to express belief in God Through practice (such as Sunday Mass)

10.4.2. Scripture; sacred stories Holy Bible

10.4.3. Teaching; creeds, theology

10.4.4. Ethical; morals in life values in life / personal views on topics/situations

10.4.5. Community; Church

10.4.6. Experiential; inner/felt world personal Faith/personal relationship with God