Ethical, legal, cultural and enviromental concernes

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Ethical, legal, cultural and enviromental concernes by Mind Map: Ethical, legal, cultural and enviromental concernes

1. Ethical

1.1. Public safety

1.1.1. Driverless cars

1.1.2. Social media

1.2. Privacy

1.2.1. We have right to control our data. Companies have a legal responsibility to ensure it is kept

1.3. Data security

1.3.1. Comp[anies collect our data and they have a legal responsibility for it

1.4. intellectual property rights

1.4.1. Content of the WWW Images Video sound Text based media

1.4.2. Apps and software produced Games Bespoke software

1.5. Surveillance

1.6. Drones

2. Legal

2.1. GDPR

2.1.1. 1. Lawfulness, fairness and transarency collected and used within the law

2.1.2. 2.Purpose limitation. Only to be used for the intended purpose

2.1.3. 3. Data minmisation. Only gather data that is needed A Docter does not need to know your GCSE grades!

2.1.4. 4.Accuracy. Must be accurate. Correct DOB, Address etc

2.1.5. 5. storage limitation. Only stored for as long as is needed

2.1.6. 6.Integrity and confidential (security) resopsible to keep it stored securaly no data breaches

2.1.7. 7. Accountability

2.2. Copyright Design and patents act 1988

2.2.1. It gives the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the right to control the ways in whichtheir material may be used. ...Normally th eindividual

2.3. Creative commons licensing

2.3.1. Is of several public copyright licenses that enable the free dilstributtion of an other =wise copyrighthend

2.4. Computer Misuse 1990

2.5. Freedom of information Act 2000

3. Eviromental

3.1. Energy decompostion

3.2. E waste

3.2.1. Disposal of toxic materials

3.2.2. recycle

3.3. Positive-monitoring climate change

3.4. positive-conservation

3.5. Positive-monitoring climate change

3.6. positive- new tech built to be energy

4. Cultural

4.1. mobile phone- social impacts

4.2. medicine/Health improvements

4.3. Gaming

4.4. ratings profiles

4.5. Digital divide_ social economic factors / age /gender/