SME ( Small & Medium Sized Enterprise) Managers

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SME ( Small & Medium Sized Enterprise) Managers by Mind Map: SME ( Small & Medium Sized Enterprise) Managers

1. (A) nalysis

1.1. .

1.1.1. • Small and Medium company managers.

1.1.2. • The managers are likely to age from 18 to around 50 years old.

1.1.3. • Can be either male or female

1.1.4. • Knowledge level ; most of them have at least an SPM level requirement, some of them might have a degree in management or business

1.2. • Attitude

1.2.1. • Disciplined

1.2.2. • Have a good time management skill

1.2.3. • Know how to communicate with other people

1.2.4. • Can listen to people well

1.2.5. stubbornness

1.3. Environment Analysis

1.3.1. • Managers — have a fixed working time, cannot easily take time off their work to do the seminar

1.3.2. • Managers — some might also have their own families to deal with.

1.3.3. • Managers — busy people,have to hande paperworks, staff welfare.

1.3.4. • Find out participants current skills,knowledge — so that can determine what do we need to do for the workshop

1.3.5. • Can conduct interviews or give out questionnaire for them to answer

2. (D) evelop

2.1. Providing knowledge on management and language skills.

2.1.1. A talk on how to enhance skills of giving excellent presentations.

2.1.2. A talk on how to improve leadership skills. A good leader help create a better working environment for the other workers. A good leader will help improve workers' motivations in giving their best performance at work.

2.2. • Sharpening soft skills.

2.2.1. Deliver presentations Through presenting, they get to learn how to speak formally, able to speak more orderly. • Help them communicate better incase there is any business with foreigners They could further boost their confidence in communicating.

2.2.2. Participants will be given a real life problems and are required to solve the problems effectively.

3. (D) esign

3.1. Objectives

3.1.1. • Provide more knowledge on management and language.

3.1.2. • To help sharpen their soft skills. A talk on how to prepare good proposals. Skills on preparing proposals will be increased.

3.1.3. • Gives them more confidence

3.1.4. • Build teamwork A talk given by an experienced person on work ethics. They will handle their works (exp; communicate with customers & clients, instructing workers) in a better way. They will create stronger relationship with customers, therefore the numbers of permanent clients might increase rapidly, They will be given tips on how to give killer presentations that will be effective in delivering the messages.

3.2. Goals

3.2.1. • Help increase company's performance.

4. (E) valuation

4.1. Progress evaluation

4.1.1. • After each of the activities end, the participants will be asked to give their respective opinion based on their understanding

4.1.2. • They will also be asked about the things that they understand and don't understand about the workshop

4.2. Overall programme evaluation

4.2.1. • They will be asked to share their thoughts regarding the workshop during the reflective session

4.2.2. • They are allowed to provide feedbacks regarding the workshop where they are free to state the pros and cons of the workshop and suggestions to improve the workshop

4.3. Organizer's evaluation

4.3.1. • The organizers will be able to evaluate the skills of the participants before and after they join the workshop

4.3.2. • Organizer can evaluate their skills when they are doing the presentation

5. (I) mplementation

5.1. Preparation

5.1.1. Facilitator's training Hard Skills Sufficient technological knowledge to ensure they can demonstrate properly Have knowledge on how to write formally in order to be able to facilitate participants accordingly Soft Skills Ensure good communication and persuasion skills Leadership skills

5.2. Participants

5.2.1. Hard Skills Formal writing Preparing a proposal about ideas Formal write up about problems faced by small and medium sized companies and suggestions to overcome Introduce Technology to help facilitate their learning after the workshop is done

5.2.2. Soft Skills Teamwork Brainstorming session to identify and generate ideas Communication Skills Enhance ability to voice out ideas and opinions Presentation skills Critical Thinking Problem solving session using issues faced by small/medium companies Leadership/Sense of Responsibility Assign each group member a role Professionalism Participants will be exposed to the importance of professionalism.