The Brutal Truth You Don’t Want to Hear About Success

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The Brutal Truth You Don’t Want to Hear About Success by Mind Map: The Brutal Truth You Don’t Want to Hear About Success

1. 1. Disappointment

1.1. By going outside the norm, you’ll disappoint people who live a normal life.

1.2. You will also disappoint yourself a lot along the way.

2. 2. Persistence

2.1. Execute consistently and never give up. Show up consistently, rain or shine.

3. 3. Hard Work

3.1. Smart work trumps hard work. Once you work smart, work harder than everyone else around you.

4. 4. Huge Risks

4.1. We are not programmed to make decisions that can break us.

4.2. Successful people make huge bets that ultimately paid off.

5. 5. Late Nights

5.1. Successful people don’t count the time.

5.2. When they look at their clock, it’s not because they’re eager to stop working — they’re afraid that they won’t have time to finish what they started.

6. 6. Struggles

6.1. How you overcome your struggles defines if you’re a champion or not.

7. 7. Competition

7.1. We’re all competing against other people who have the same goals.

8. 8. Discipline

8.1. Discipline is an obsession mixed with intense clarity.

8.2. Successful people know what they need to do and obsess over their goals.

9. 9. Courage

9.1. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. It’s about having strength in the face of pain or grief.

10. 10. Doubt

10.1. Doubt, when “used” properly, can lead to making better, more informed decisions.

11. 11. Criticism

11.1. Not everyone will agree with what you are doing.

12. 12. Personal Failures

12.1. As we achieve “success”, more personal failures will occur; broken relationships, staying healthy, staying motivated, etc.

13. 13. Adversity

13.1. Recognize that some things are out of your control, but still prepare for the eventuality that said misfortune could happen.

14. 14. Rejections

14.1. You will get many “no” until you get the “yes” you’re seeking. Be persistent.

15. 15. Sacrifices

15.1. It is those who dare sacrifice what they cherish most that will reap the fruit of their labour.