TSM Migration to Prague

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TSM Migration to Prague by Mind Map: TSM Migration to Prague

1. TSM installed in Prague?

1.1. Do we have a pipe line to Collo?

2. Services

2.1. Expand storage on EMEA-BK2

2.2. Install TSM on BK2

2.3. Tape management

2.4. Install new TSM server in Prague?

3. To be defined

3.1. TSM installed in Collo

3.2. EMA-BK2 installed in Collo?

3.3. A new TSM server in CZ or move

4. Migration

4.1. Move hardware

4.2. Service continuity during migration

4.2.1. BK1 always working even w/out tapes

5. Hardware

5.1. TSM Server

5.2. EMEA-BK1 - Notes

5.3. EMEA-BK2 - Notes

5.4. TSM Library

5.5. Tapes