"Improve career guidance experience for entrepreneurs using a web service".

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"Improve career guidance experience for entrepreneurs using a web service". by Mind Map: "Improve career guidance experience for entrepreneurs using a web service".

1. First of all in the subject there is the use of the word "improve". This means that career guidance for entrepreneurs is a problem today? why? First of all it is because today's entrepreneurs are struggling to find out what to undertake because there is a lack of knowledge about what entrepreneurship really is. In my opinion, the following article traces several elements that are essential to know in order to solve the problems of career guidance for entrepreneurs.

1.1. L'entrepreneuriat et ses enjeux - Le blog de Abdallah Mohamed Bourhan

2. Second issue: learning about entrepreneurship. Indeed, many young entrepreneurs start and fail because they do not really know what they are getting into, how a startup works etc. Theory is good but until you take action you can't really know what you're talking about. That's why I think it's interesting to see from the inside how entrepreneurship works through an internship for example. This is where the "welcome to the jungle" web service comes in, which connects young people looking for an internship with startups.

2.1. Welcome to the Jungle - Travaillez dans la tribu qui vous correspond

3. Finally, there is an internet service that has been training new entrepreneurs every day for many years. It's youtube. Indeed, youtube is a platform for creating content (video) that now brings together millions of people who manage to make a living from it and even create a business around it through influence. We call them today youtubeers, or influencers, but above all they are entrepreneurs and we tend to forget that. Here's an example of a video of the Hugodecrypt channel which is nowadays a real internet relay of news in France and which generates more audience than traditional media news channels.

3.1. Commerces fermés, stade 3, crise financière... les 5 actus de la semaine