Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

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Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia by Mind Map: Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

1. Vic Curriculum: It allows students to develop knowledge and understanding of Asian societies cultures, beliefs and environments. It builds an understanding of the diversity of cultures and people living in Australia.

2. Values from this unit: An understanding of multiculturalism, respect of other cultures.

3. Resources for teaching: The Australian and Victorian Curriculum, books, newspapers, historical documents, historical society.

4. Vision and purpose frame the curriculum: Students will learn skills necessary to engage with the people of Asia, which they will need to effecting live, work and learn in the region.

5. Planning Process: Alannah, Carly and Tahlia. We will plan in person and via ICT (Google Docs) in groups. We will split individually to write each lesson.

6. Time available for this unit: 3 weeks.

7. Assessment: A final presentation in groups. Ongoing assessment of products in each lesson.

8. How will this unit help meet the students interest: Some students may be able to draw upon a personal connections (travel, family relations, exchange student), hands- on activities, using ICT, working in groups and individually.

9. Our particular expertise: Our professional placements we have engaged with students of Asian heritage. We have learnt about cultures through developing professional relationships with students.

10. How can this unit match students abilities: Differentiated learning, learning styles.