IEA Diploma Project Task Mind Map

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IEA Diploma Project Task Mind Map by Mind Map: IEA Diploma Project  Task Mind Map

1. Evaluation

1.1. Comparisons and reflections

1.2. Evaluate objectives

1.3. Improvements made

1.4. Client evaluation

2. Design

2.1. Detailed description of the project

2.2. Meetings with Client

2.3. initial design

2.4. final design

3. Facilities

3.1. create blog for blog posts

3.2. Gantt Chart

3.3. Tutorials

3.4. bibliography

3.5. Microsoft Power Point

3.6. Google Forms

3.7. Microsoft Exel

4. Specification

4.1. Mind Map of ideas

4.2. 3 final ideas

4.3. Declaration form

4.4. Research objectives

4.5. Mind Map of tasks

5. Client Description

5.1. Name: Geralt Skym

5.2. Job: Science Teacher at West Island School

5.3. Other Commitments: Dynasty and whole school Council representative

5.3.1. New node

5.4. Reason for choosing this client: He is part of the committees which have a good understand of what is happening around the school. This important for my Project because he can think of a relevant problem I would be able to question the student population on.

6. Deadlines

6.1. 1st May 2012: Planning and Research

6.1.1. New node

6.2. 1st June 2012: Design

6.3. 15th September 2012: Implementation

6.4. 15th October 2012: Testing

6.5. 15th November 2012: Evaluation

6.6. 1st December 2012: Deadline for Entire project

6.7. February 2013:Diploma Presentation

7. Analysis

7.1. Survey

7.2. Analysis of existing specifications or similar projects

7.3. Analysis of whole plan

7.4. Client feedback of designs

8. Implementation

8.1. Justification of using an ICT solution

8.2. Evidence of Completed product

8.3. Design of presentation and survey

8.4. evidence product has been used officially

8.5. Conference preparation

9. Testing

9.1. Evidence of in-school testing

9.2. Evidence of field testing