Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Teacher authority

1.1. Set rules.

1.2. Mutual respect.

1.3. Communication.

2. Elements of and orderly classroom

2.1. Group interaction.

2.2. Collaborative activities.

2.3. Positive learning enviroment (olderly cinrcunstances)

3. Rules for classroom

3.1. Clear rules and routines stablished with the class.

3.2. Well- planned organization.

3.3. Assessments.

3.4. Activities.

4. Main elements

4.1. Firm, fair and friendly.

4.2. Dividing time.

4.3. Behavioural management.

4.4. Classroom desing.

5. What is?

5.1. Routines, rules and regulation.

5.2. Managing pair and group work.

5.3. Discipline.

5.4. Getting feedback.

6. Classroom Management Techniques

6.1. Get prepared.

6.2. Set the classroom rules,

6.3. Be enthusiastic about the lessons.

6.4. Be fair with the students.

7. Tips for managing class.

7.1. In addition about student knowledge and achievement, we should have a clear sense of the behavior you expect at each point in the class period when we manage a class.

7.1.1. Take charge of your class.

7.1.2. Focus on disruptive students.

7.1.3. Let the students choose their seat.

7.1.4. Establish consequences for misbehaving.