HOLES - Justice

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HOLES - Justice by Mind Map: HOLES - Justice

1. INJUSTICE- Sam and Kate were treated injustly when the townspeople were racist towards their relationship. They don't allow Sam to love Kate.

2. INJUSTICE- Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake even though he says he did nothing wrong. The court don't give him a chance or even listen to him. Injustice is shown beacuse Stanley dosen't get his say in court.

3. JUSTICE- Towards the end of the story, Satnley and Zero find the brief case labelled "Stanley Yelnats". Justice is shown when Zero and Stanley's lawyer proves that the Warden the suitcase rightfully owns it.

4. JUSTICE- Justice is restored 110 ears after the town of Green Lake is destroyed. This is fate, also known as cosmic justice. It tells us that the good are eventually rewarded and the bad are punnished.

5. INJUSTICE- The boys at Camp Green Lake are treated very badly. The crimes they committed werent that bad and they have to be touttured everyday. Injustice is shown as they should't be treated this badly it is too much for them and they are still just boys.

6. The fact that Kate barlow dies laughing twenty years later at the hands of Trout Walker and his wife when they come for her treasure suggests that she very literally got the last laugh—the Walker family continues to pay for their racism and greed for generations, even after the novel ends (the Warden is forced to sell Camp Green Lake after the Texas attorney general shuts it down). With this, the novel makes it clear that everyone will eventually receive justice, even if justice comes on its own timeline and from outside the formal justice system.