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1. Autor's ideas: •Natural growth altered •Artificially plants •Variety and taste of fruit manufacturated •Decision of men about animal's breeds •The infertility of new breeds

2. John Lennon (1940-1980) Singer

2.1. "Imagine", 1971 Poem.

3. Author's ideas and language: •Equal •Communistic •Friendly •Honest •Peaceful •Tolerant

4. Language: Translate from latin

5. "Wondrous Vegetables", 1627 Novel, utopian narrative.

5.1. Language: scientific language

6. "Fillide", take from "Le città invisibili", 1972

6.1. Author's ideas: •immaginary description •Formal experiment

6.2. Language: •Italian •Mostly descriptive

7. 1900

7.1. Martin Luther King (1929-1968) Pastor of Bapstic Church

7.1.1. "I have a dream", 1963 Speech

7.1.2. Author's ideas: •Integral cooperation •social equality •Justice •Freedom

7.2. Italo Calvino (1923-1985) Italian Writer

8. 1600

8.1. Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Political philosopher

9. 1500

9.1. "Utopia", 1516 Novel.

9.1.1. Structure: dialog divided in two parts. •Criticism of governments and of european politics ( DISTOPYA ). •Description of the " Excellent republic" of the utopian island.

9.1.2. Author's ideas: •Project: perfect republic •Inspired from the Repubblica, writren by Platone •Administrated from political rules •Based on equality and justice •Well structured, rational city •Childhish attempt to solve large problems

9.2. Thomas More( 1478-1535 ) Philosopher, writer and politician.

9.2.1. "Of their trades, and manner of life", 1516 Novel. Author's ideas: •The importance of Agriculture and its role •Importancd of work •Equality •The importance of litterature •Disoccupation for anyone Language: Translate from Latin


10.1. John Lennon

10.2. Martin Luther King

10.2.1. - Racism - Excessive materialism - National boundaries - Consumerism

10.2.2. - Injustice - Racism - Oppression