Software Positioning

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Software Positioning by Mind Map: Software Positioning

1. What is our Market Environment?

1.1. How is the market now satisfying the need your software satisfies?

1.2. What are the switching costs for potential users for your market?

1.3. What are the positions of the competition?

2. Market Problem

2.1. Percieved

2.2. Customer Quotes

3. Positioning Strategies

3.1. Product Attributes

3.2. Benefits

3.3. Usage Occasions

3.4. Users

3.5. Directly against a Competitor

3.6. Away from a Competitor

3.7. Product Classes

3.8. Buyers

4. Positioning Differences

4.1. Important

4.2. Distinctive

4.3. Superior

4.4. Communicable

4.5. Preemptive

4.6. Affordable

4.7. Profitable

5. Market Definition

5.1. What is the total market population?

5.2. What portion is interested? (Potential)

5.3. What portion is funded? (Available)

5.4. What is your specific target? (Targeted)

5.5. Who in your target has already purchase a product? (Penetrated)

6. Customer Value Perception

6.1. Basic

6.2. Expected

6.3. Desired

6.4. Unanticipated

7. Product Description

7.1. One Liner

7.2. Full Description

8. What is our competitive advantage?

8.1. Is your company small and flexible?

8.2. Do you offer low cost and high quality?

8.3. Does your product offer unique benefits?

8.4. Are you the first on the market with this product (First mover advantage)?

8.5. Is your post-sales service better?

8.6. Do you have a larger network of experts?

9. Segmentation

9.1. Mass Marketing or Undifferentiated Marketing

9.2. Product-variety Marketing or Differentiated Marketing

9.3. Target Marketing or Concentrated Marketing