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Hour 6 Cephalopods by Mind Map: Hour 6 Cephalopods

1. Movement

1.1. Jet Propulsion by shooting water out

1.2. The animal adjusts its buoyancy by osmosis in its chambers

1.3. They cannot operate under the extreme hydrostatic pressure

2. Respiration

2.1. Cephalopods take in water and filter out oxygen molucules through their gills. (Each gill has it's own vessels to absorb oxygen.)

3. Reproduction/LifeCycle

3.1. they live short lives with fast lifecycles their reproduction is interenal.

3.2. cephlapods have both female and male parts inside of them

4. Anatomy

4.1. All have a main "head" where they store their internal organs and bones

4.2. Most have 8 tentacles extruding from their "head"

4.3. Some can Change Skin Colors to blend into their surroundings

4.4. Animals which do not use tentacles to move have swimming fins on the side of their head

4.5. Squid that has main Characteristics of Cephalopods


6. Feeding/Digestion

6.1. 2-way digestive system

6.2. Brute strength to rip open shells of crabs and such

6.3. The adults feed on crabs, clams, snails, and small fish.

6.3.1. Sometimes if they need they will feed off of other octopi. They once were friends.

6.4. Beak to "peck" open shells

6.5. Food taken in through the mouth, digested in the stomach and digestive sac, then exited through the anus

7. Senses/Response

7.1. Not very good eye sight

7.2. squirts ink (ink sac)

7.3. very sensitive- picky about light, weight, etc

7.4. specialized cells all over body {ex: skin cells, scent cells, etc}

7.4.1. can change colors (specialized cells)

7.5. large brains

8. Circulation

8.1. 3 hearts: 2 branchial and 1 systemic

8.2. Only type of mollusk with closed circulatory system

8.3. Extensive system of vessels helps them to be faster and smarter than other mollusks