Topics of @book_id_arnheim2006film

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Topics of @book_id_arnheim2006film by Mind Map: Topics of @book_id_arnheim2006film

1. Is About

1.1. Considering Film as Art

1.1.1. Technique Camera angle Close-up Chronophotography Expression Eyes Face Gestures Long shot Motion picture Perspective Projection Stereoscopic

1.1.2. Related To Theater Television

1.1.3. People Buster Keaton Carl Dreyer Charlie Chaplin Greta Garbo Henny Porten Max Wertheimer Pudovkin

1.1.4. Kind of film Silent film Sound film Three-dimensional Color film

1.1.5. Example Woman of Paris

1.1.6. Parts Scene Actor Audience Dialogue Director Montage Recording Sequence Spectator Negative