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Plane Game by Mind Map: Plane Game

1. Different Levels

1.1. The levels will become harder for the player the further they advance in the game

1.1.1. More enemies will come down faster and the bosses will be harder

2. Different Time Periods

2.1. Future

2.2. Present day

2.3. Both world wars

3. Game Setting

3.1. Time Travel Game

3.1.1. Player is in a plane that travels through time

4. Gameplay

4.1. Shoot down enemies with the plane

4.2. Player has to shoot down enemies in order to gain points

4.2.1. Each enemy is worth 5 points Bosses worth 20 points

4.3. Players have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible

4.4. Players only have one life, after they die they have to restart again from the first level

5. Planes

5.1. The plane will adjust to suit the time period its in, so going back to World War 2, it will look the same as the planes back then

6. Game name

6.1. Time Flight

7. Genre

7.1. Shooting

7.2. Action

7.3. Sc-Fi

8. Create the game in gamemaker

8.1. Game will be completely done in 2D

9. Platform

9.1. Online

9.1.1. PC Phone App

10. Sound

10.1. Arcade style sound