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Bionic Eye and its WW's

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Bionic Eye by Mind Map: Bionic Eye

1. What

1.1. What is a bionic eye?

1.1.1. It’s an artificial eye which provide visual sensations to the brain. It consist of electronic systems having image sensors, microprocessors, receivers, radio transmitters and retinal chips. Technology provided by this help the blind people to get vision again.

2. When

2.1. When can it be used?

2.1.1. Suitable for people who have lost their vision from specific diseases such as inherited types of retinal degeneration known as retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration.

2.2. When was it made?

2.2.1. The innovation was co-invented and co-developed by USC inventor Dr. Mark Humayun with the company Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., which manufactured the innovation. No Info found for the founder.

2.3. When was its first trial?

2.3.1. 2009 Surgeons at Manchester and Moorfields made history in 2009 by delivering the world's first trial of the Argus II bionic eye implants

3. How

3.1. How does the Bionic Eye Work?

3.1.1. A bionic eye mimics the function of the retina to restore sight for those with severe vision loss. It uses a retinal implant connected to a video camera to convert images into electrical impulses that activate remaining retinal cells which then carry the signal back to the brain.

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5. We see all the colors, all the objects infront of us and around us thanks to our nervous systems (sends info to our brain) and cornea (flips the image)

5.1. But blind people can't see anything. No objects, no colors, nothing! Its like having your eylids/eye closed forever!