All I Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten

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All I Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten by Mind Map: All I Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten

1. Play based learning

2. Inquiry Based learning

3. Pedagogical Documentation is the process of gathering and analysing evidence of learning to “make thinking and learning visible” provides the foundation for assessment for, as, and of learning. (The Kindergarten Program, p. 37)

4. Teacher as Researcher

5. Leadership

5.1. For my own practice, continue to create a safe and comfortable space where collagues can share their learning, ideas, view points and knowledge and continue to support one another as we reflect on our practices.

6. Assessment

7. interests

8. strengths

9. Diverse Learners

9.1. -recognize diversity in students and create spaces and materials in order to respond and cultivate it

10. Learning Communities


11.1. I loved reading about and practicing doing learning stories with my students. I would like to continue to experiment with them and begin to feel more comfortable engaged in this process. I would like to share them more with parents and get feedback and insight into their children.

12. Going public with documentation in order to receive constructive feedback and see different points of views.

13. Seeing the world through our students' eyes and view points

14. Asset-lens

15. Home and School Connection-Support engagement and on-going dialogue about children' learning and development

16. parents as partners

16.1. I would like to continue to find ways that value our parents' feedback and ideas. I would like to continue to work on initiatives such as Welcome Wednesdays, Drop ins for parents to read dual language books and songs in different languages.

17. "Technological documentation is a powerful tool for teachers as they plan and reflect in the moment on the curriculum." (Bartlett & Parnell, p. 52)

17.1. I would like to continue to work along side my students, colleagues and parents to create documentation panels that truly reflect the learning happening in my classroom. As a leader I would like to encourage colleagues to delve into this process together and learn from one another.

17.2. I would like to continue to use technology to enhance my skills for documenting capturing and reflecting on my students' thinking and learning.

18. iPads

19. See Saw

20. photos

21. videos

22. conversations

23. dialogue

24. All children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential and experience.

25. responsive

26. enhance observation skills

27. consider other perspectives

28. Questions

29. Environment As Third Teacher

29.1. -create a classroom environment that sparks curiosity, wonder, mystery and discovery

30. open-ended materials

31. spaces to engage students interests

32. books

33. dual language books

34. stories from cultural backgrounds

35. Gestures

36. Open ended activities focusing on process not product

37. Notice and Naming the learning-a way that we can create a picture for children of what and how they are learning and helping them in moving forward. (Growing Success, p. 7)

38. A form of observation and documentation that is written in a narrative story format. (Pack)