The three eras of globalization

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The three eras of globalization by Mind Map: The three eras of globalization

1. Globalization of countries (Globalization 1.0)

1.1. 1492 - until around 1800

1.2. power struggle for world domination

1.3. countries and governments were shaped by a combination of religion and imperialism

1.4. accelerate global integration by conquering countries

2. Globalization of companies (Globalization 2.0)

2.1. 1800 to 2000

2.2. multinational companies were the leading forces of global integration

2.3. shaped by the world economic crisis and the world wars 1&2

2.4. birth and development of the global economy

2.5. shaped by technical developments like steam engine&railroads right up to telephones, the PC and the World Wide Web

3. Globalization of individuals (Globalizatin 3.0)

3.1. as of the year 2000

3.2. discovery of global cooperation&competition by humans

3.3. advance globalization by everyone and not dominated by indivudial countries, humans or companies as in previous eras