Factors That Affect Populations

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Factors That Affect Populations by Mind Map: Factors That Affect Populations

1. Symbiosis

1.1. Two organisms living in close and benefiting each other

2. Predation

2.1. Species A benefits from Species B being harmed

3. Parasite

3.1. Benefits from taking nutrients from a host

4. Host

4.1. The species that the parasite gets it food and energy source from; Sometimes harmed by the parasite

5. Predator

5.1. Is benefited by eating prey

6. Parasitism

6.1. Symbiotic relationship where Species A adapts structurally to Species B to take the nutrients it gives

7. Prey

7.1. Is harmed by being eaten by a predator

8. Mutualism

8.1. Species A and B are both benefited

9. Commensalism

9.1. Species A is benefited while B is unaffected