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Modal verbs by Mind Map: Modal verbs

1. Must

1.1. Obligations

1.1.1. (More personal)

1.2. Example

1.2.1. we must talk to her before she leaves

1.2.2. I must pay him back like I promised

1.2.3. All passengers must have a valid ticket

1.3. Negative example

1.3.1. Visitors must not touch the paintings

1.3.2. Passengers must not talk to the driver while the bus is moving

1.3.3. Modile phone must not be used while driving

1.4. Advince and opinions

1.4.1. You must try the fish. It's delicious!

1.5. Use

1.5.1. Obligations yu feel stronly about

1.5.2. Obligations in formal written

1.5.3. Strong advince

1.5.4. Saying something is forbidden

2. Have to

2.1. Obligations

2.1.1. (More situacional)

2.2. Example

2.2.1. I have to go into work early tomorrow

2.3. Negative example

2.3.1. You don't have to be here before ten

2.3.2. You don't have to finish it today

2.3.3. You don’t have to take this package to the post office

2.4. Advince and opinions

2.4.1. You have to try the fish. It's delicious!

2.5. Use

2.5.1. Obligations which depend on circumstance

2.5.2. Most obligations in spoken

2.5.3. Saying something is not necessary

2.5.4. Strong advice

3. Should

3.1. Advince and opinions

3.1.1. (Neutral)

3.2. Example

3.2.1. You should go to bed earlier. then you would't feel so tired all the time

3.2.2. He should do more work if he wants to get promoted

3.2.3. You Should try the fish. It's delicious!

3.3. Negative example

3.3.1. You shouldn't eat so much chocolate at once you'll make yourself sick!

3.3.2. You shouldn't take the job unless you're sure it's what you want

3.3.3. She should not take the children with her to Houston

3.4. Use

3.4.1. Giving advice

3.4.2. Giving negative advice

3.4.3. Giving your opinion