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Jason Hartley by Mind Map: Jason Hartley

1. Places I've Lived

1.1. I grew up in Colorado and lived there until my early 20s

1.2. I lived in Austin, TX for one magical year of fun in the sun

1.3. I currently live in San Francisco, CA with my girlfriend Pratima

2. Education

2.1. University of Colorado - Boulder

2.2. I studied undergrad at the University of Colorado and received my Bachelors in Business Administration

2.3. Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School

2.4. This is my second semester at Carey pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management

3. Hobbies

3.1. Growing up in Colorado, my cliché hobby is Skiing and I still try to do it as much as possible around Northern CA

3.2. I'm very outdoorsy and really enjoy hiking in my free time

3.3. I grew up playing Hockey and play in a beer league on Sunday nights - the season has been canceled due to COVID-19 :(

3.4. In my free time like to read and enjoy sociological topics, but can definitely get into some good fiction

4. Career Experience & Interests

4.1. I currently work for a Biotech company that makes cranial orthotic helmets for infants with Plagiocephaly and other cranial deformations

4.2. I've worked most of my career in Healthcare and find it to be an incredibly rewarding industry

4.3. I've become very interested Genomics & Bioinformatics and have ambitions to become more involved in the startup communities in the Bay Area developing these areas of biotech