Professional Development Unit Concept Map

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Professional Development Unit Concept Map by Mind Map: Professional Development Unit Concept Map

1. Purpose of PDU

1.1. Increasing Motivation for Middle School students towards Intrinsic Volition

2. Step 1: Identify Desired Results

2.1. All students will grasp towards information acquisition with self-actualization concepts

2.2. Create & Foster Environment conducive to Success

3. Step 2: Objectives

3.1. Active Learning Components will be utilized to engage students in learning process.

3.1.1. Dialogue and discussion within groups to help advocate and further the elements of an active learning cycle.

3.2. Create & Foster Feedback tools for Students

3.3. Lesson Creation to implement blended theories of instruction

3.3.1. Utilization of ADDIE & SAM Components of instruction

4. Step 3: Determination of Acceptable Evidence

4.1. ROI - Technology Based Learning v In-Person Learning

4.2. Fundamental Changes to Approaches

4.2.1. Developing impactful applications to improve motivation on Independent Studies

5. Step 4: Activities for Learning

5.1. Classroom Activities - Understand your Peers

5.1.1. What motivates you?

5.1.2. Feedback Surveys after Instruction

5.2. Effective Discussions involving Student Led Informative sessions

5.2.1. How would you change the outcome?

5.3. Develop Web Tools to incorporate multi-media based learning

5.3.1. Integration of Multi-Channel analysis for instruction, (YouTube, Lecture, Student Volition led project structure)