General Insurance

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General Insurance by Mind Map: General Insurance


1.1. FIRE

1.1.1. DEFINITION An agreement between the insures and the insured in case of damaged cause by fire

1.1.2. SUBJECT MATTER OF INSURANCE Any kind of movable/immovable property that having exceeding value

1.1.3. SUBJECT MATTER OF CONTRACT The policy holder's interest and financial involvement in the subject matter of insurance

1.1.4. SCOPE OF COVER Fire Lightning Explosion

1.2. MOTOR

1.2.1. Compulsory Insurance Being able to buy another car/ covering cost of repair if the car is damaged following road accident

1.2.2. Classification Private car Insurance Motor Cycle Insurance Motor Trade Insurance


2.1. Public Liability Policy

2.1.1. Scope of Cover Provide the necessary protection against legal liability for damages in respect of accidental death/injured bodies.

2.1.2. Key terms accidental bodily injury goods property third party business

2.2. Product Liability Policy

2.2.1. Scope of cover for damages in respect of accidental bodily injury to third parties and accidental damage to their goods and/or property arising from defects in goods sold or supplied.

2.2.2. Product sold / supplied to consumers may give rise: Neglience Breach of condition Strict liability

2.3. Professional Liability Policy

2.3.1. Scope of cover The insured protected from liability at law for damages in respect of claims for breach of professional duty made against him as a result of neglect, error or omission that occurred in good faith.

2.3.2. Discovery period Up to 3 months after the policy has been terminated Indeminity still available to claim but will be against after the termination of policy.